The beginning

Bruce puts the B in Bastards. Who is this Bruce you ask yourself? Well, let us explain – he is only the most important character of the brand. Bruce is the leader of the Bastards gang and also the first dog who had the opportunity to wear the Bastards coat. If we are completely honest in reality he is the reason this company even started to exist in the first place. Without him, there would be no Bastards coat and even less the Bastards dog wear. The face and the body of the company as you will see if you’ll spend at least two minutes on our site.

As all of us know Whippets are one of the most energetic dogs from the Hound tribe and well, let’s be honest also in general. One could almost say that running runs in their blood and Bruce is no different here. So here we got a dog who is clearly high on life and getting a clothing piece of any kind for him was so to say an ongoing nightmare. As do most members of the Hound breed, Bruce has very short hair and is, therefore, more sensitive to cold weather. A coat is almost a necessity for him and my oh my did Klemen try to buy a quality coat for this poor little cold Bastard. As you could already have guessed – he had no luck. Not only was Bruce bruised and bloodied from all the wrong coats, sometimes he would even return from his run without it, and please don’t ask us how because we don’t have an answer. So after a few lost coats, bruises on Bruce, a lot of frustration on Klemen’s side, and one too many dollar bills spent – the Bastard coat was born!

Proccess of making the coat

As we already mentioned, the Bastards coat was born because of Bruce, but why didn’t we stop there? The explanation is quite simple. On one hand, we have sportswear companies investing millions and millions of dollars in the development of sportswear for humans who can barely reach 15km per hour, okay maybe 45km/h if you are Usain Bolt but most likely you are not. On the other hand, we have dogs who can reach up to 70km per hour and their wear is just… let’s not go there because the adjectives will be everything but flattering. So we took the matter into our hands and well we couldn’t really invest millions of dollars in it – since we don’t have it but we did invest something that is even more precious than money – time and knowledge. We started by observing the dog in his daily activities, running being the most important one but of course we also wanted to make something that would be comfy even if he is just lying and shitting – not all dogs are sports fans and we wanted to make something for all of our furry friends right from the start. We began with a basic shape and a mission to find the right fit to rule them all and it became clear right from the start that the line across his back should always remain in position, no matter how fast or stupidly he runs or you know lays and shits.

BASTARDS gang photoshooting

After detecting our main cause we fused 10 years of experience in industrial design with a fresh outlook based in fashion, and we now can proudly but most of all surely say that the most advanced dog coat is finally here waiting to ease your and your best friends life. Not only is it made to measure and will fit your dog perfectly it will also back him up in his everyday life, emphasize his speed and there is also something in it for you. This coat is so easy to clean it would clean itself if it could. We made sure to handpick a material exactly for this cause because we’ve been through it – washing the coat every single time after the walk and we have enough of this nonsense. So simply wipe it using a damp towel and that’s it, your Bastards coat is ready for the next walk, your dog isn’t bruised and you didn’t lose your mind. Yes, we have thought about everything.

    Your BASTARD will love this!
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