Our best duo of kevlar and KONG frog clip leash and black leather, Cobra GT clip collar. Match made in heaven.

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BASTARDS leash and collar are the most technological combo you can find, with which your pup can be suited up like the best special units. BASTARDS collar is made from exceptional Italian leather, always hand picked to be both strong and flexible. The showstopper is the GT CobraⓇ Buckle, which is the most finely crafted and strongest load bearing buckles available. With a targeted tensile load of 2,2kN, the GT CobraⓇ buckle has a quick release mechanism.

In detail

The leash and collar are made to make unclamping of your pup as easy as possible while you look polished throwing him his ball. And lastly, less is more especially when less is perfection.

Composition: Rope is made from aramid. The KONG Frog is made from aluminium. Collar made from 100% leather, Cobra GT buckles are polymer plastic.

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp towel. Keep away from fire. If the collar gets wet, blot it and let it air dry. Do not wash. Do not blow dry.

Return policy: BASTARDS dog wear is all made to order, and therefore we do not offer refunds.

All garments are currently made to order by hand in Ljubljana. Once purchased, your garment immediately goes into production, and can take up to three weeks during a busy period.

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back length _ torso length from end of neck to tail
elbow length_ the longest part of coat, from end of neck to elbow
flap_ the cross over part of coat, space between first two arms
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