how to measure your bastards

It’s really important to find a proper fit for your dog’s clothing so measuring them correctly is a very great skill. The breed of the dog and their weight is not a reliable source of information to find the perfect fit. The best way to measure your dog is to get them calm and ready to cooperate, equipped with a tape measure, treats and somewhere to write down your measurements. Another pair of hands always comes in handy! You should remove any clothing they might already be wearing as well as their collar or harness. It’s best to use a soft tape measure used for sewing but any rope will work as well. Just mark the spot with the length and measure it with a ruler. Get them to stand tall with an extended neck and head held high. If they are very hairy it might help to first brush their fur to get a more exact measurement. Dogs with short hairs are self-explanatory, while those with thicker fur might have to have the tape tighter.

Torso length determines the size of the garment you will be buying and how much of the body it will cover. The dog should stand tall, with extended legs and neck. It is measured from the base of the neck, the tip can be easily spotted if the head is erect. If you are having difficulty locating it or are not quite sure, you can put on their collar, loosen it up a little more than when wearing it, and see where it falls. It should be exactly where the neck ends and the torso begins. Measure all the way to where the tail begins. Again, if having difficulty pinpointing exactly where the point is, hold up their tail. If the dog does not have a tail or was cut down, just feel where the tailbone is. That is our measurement 1.

The girth of the neck might be the easiest, just place the tape around the lowest part of the neck, where the collar made bigger would fall. Wrap it around the neck and see how snuggly it hugs their neck. The lowest most point would be measurement no 2. The girth at the highest point is similar, just slide the tape along their neck and when you reach the neck you can write down the number 3. The girth of the head (4) is measured easiest if you hold the pup at their snout, firmly yet gently, and measure in front of their ears. Measuring the distance between the lowest circumference (2) and the point at their ears you get the measurement 7.  

The narrowest part of their torso determines where the garments will be fastened. It’s important to be very precise here, since mistakes can bruise their delicate belly, especially for the boys as it might cut and budge their penis. Wrap the tape around comfortably and you have the number 5. The broadest point of the chest is also very important. The broadest part is usually found just behind the front legs but may differ from breed to breed. To assess, look at your pup from the side and where the chest falls the lowest, there you should wrap the measuring tape around their body. Wrap the tape around and you have the measurement 6.

Number 8 would be the length of their chest. It is measured from the lowest circumference (2) and the narrowest point of their torso (6). Similarly, no 9 would be the length of their back from the same two base measurements, neck (2) to the narrowest point of their torso (6). These two measurements double check for there not to be any mistakes on their delicate parts. 

Leaving us with 10 which is the length to their elbow. It should be taken easily by getting them to stand tall, starting at the base of their neck and following their body down right to the first joint. This differs greatly with different breeds and determines how low the garment falls. No 11 is the width between the first two legs.

Don’t feel pressured to measure everything in one go. There are many of them, we know, but that is to ensure the perfect fit. With our purchases we offer to help you measure over a video call, instructing and guiding you, but if you are weathering the storm alone take your time. It always helps to have a helping head if possible. If your dog is not feeling it, is anxious, or too excited, wait and do it another time. It is much easier if you are both calm and comfortable. Please be sure to follow them carefully, number them correctly, and check before replaying. We wouldn’t want to make any mistakes with your coat. If you aren’t sure about something we are here to help you! Don’t hesitate to write to us, we will help you with any kind of challenge you are facing. It would also be very helpful if you could send a side picture of your pup, so we know how to make the back curve. Please also let us know if you use a collar, a harness, or both, so we know where to make the opening.

Buy slow and buy smart.

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