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Developed for greyhounds, made to suit all dogs.

It all started with a whippet named Bruce, our main character, a little ball of energy and a handful at all times. Being a whippet, running is his favourite time of the day. But the biggest obstacle for Bruce in enjoying his favourite activity was the design of the coats he wore – the cut was always wrong, the coat was fastened in all the wrong places, with elastics cutting into his legs while somehow not keeping the coat tight to his body. He was bruised and scratched just from wearing his coat, and sometimes even returned without it (figure that out!).

Making coat

why we started?

Our thought was: if big sports wear companies invest millions in development of sports wear for humans who run at 10km per hour, why does no one invest in our best friends who can run up to 70km per hour? Instead of millions, we invested a lot of passion and knowledge, and took time to observe our dog and the way he moves. We started with a basic shape, with the mission to find the right fit for the dog’s body in his daily activities. It became clear that the line across his back should always remain in position, no matter how fast or stupidly he runs.

We fused 10 years of experience in industrial design with a fresh outlook based in fashion, resulting in the most advanced dog coat there is. It’s extremely easy to clean: the material is simply wiped using a damp towel. The coat does not restrict him while running, but emphasises his speed.

3D printed dog figure

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